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I really miss to being louder when laugh, gurau nak mati dengan kawan kawan sampai tak ingat orang sekeliling, sound direct when people langgar even kena sikit, made stupid things infront many people. Hahaha :') i hope so much, you happy with your life and getting more memories with new life ya. Bila aku dah tiada kat dunia ni, aku harap kau tak sedih dan nangis. Aku cuma harap semua doakan kesejahteraan aku kat sana.

I hope my relationship everlasting till the ends of time.
Firstly, i didnt easy to love with someone bcs i love so much when in a relationship. Why i still cant open my heart for anyone else after so long time we're break up. Hahahahha, laugh for me bcs stay idiot in my life. Orang lain dah bahagia, kenapa aku tak nak mencuba? Hahaha, its okay. Just remembered that Allah SWT always be there and never let us feel alone.

Secondly, for haters i just wanna say that thank you so much bcs you just wasted your time to looking my fault and tells to others. Hahahahaha can i laugh more than louder than louder for you? Yeah, just do it what make you happy and ignore haters. Just say in my heart that, stay smile and nvr weaked. Tired of being so sad and tired of getting so mad. Stop right now, you only let me down. Maybe you shouldnt come back bcs you know the reason why.

I just want to apologize with all my sins if i do it dengan sengaja ataupun tak. Bygone is bygone, so let it go and just go through with new life. 


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